Mother’s Day Is Sooner Than You Think!

We understand how busy life can get sometimes, especially between family and work obligations.  And yet, the right gift for Mother’s Day can mean so much to a very special wife or mom. Save yourself the hassles of a last minute scramble for the perfect present, and choose from an array of delightful presents straight from Columbia’s Parkers of Lexington. What about a gorgeous Italian silver picture frame, crafted from the finest materials by European artisans trained in centuries-old techniques? No matter what her personal style, she’ll love the timeless elegance of such a glamorous home accessory. Does she enjoy flowers? What about a spectacular engraved Waterford vase, carefully etched with the sentimental message of your choice? It’s a showstopper bound to bring tears of joy and appreciation to any mother’s eyes. Mother’s Day is the perfect opportunity to express how significant a mother is in the business of everyday living. Don’t neglect this chance to show how much you care. With our huge inventory of affordable but highest quality gifts, you’re sure to find the perfect symbol and expression of all she means to you.


* What is meant by the term 92.5% Sterling Silver, pure sterling or solid sterling silver picture frames?   The definition for these terms is an alloy of silver containing 92.5% silver and 7.55% copper or other material.   Any solid 92.5% sterling silver item is marked "Sterling".   Silverstar International Elite Sterling and Signature product lines are solid sterling silver with 92.5% sterling silver purity.

* What is meant by Bi-laminated Sterling Silver, as in bi-laminated sterling silver picture frames?   Composed of 50% sterling silver at marked AG +silver content formala as opposed to 925, Bi-laminated sterling silver definition is a sheet of sterling silver and an alloy (aluminum or other) fused together in the manufacturing process.  Whereas some U.S. manufacturers mark this product "Sterling", as a conservative Italian company Silverstar marks this type of product based upon the  weighted sterling silver content using an industry accepted formula.  Francesco Moretti sterling silver picture frames are made with Bilaminated Silver with a tarnish resistant surface.

* What is meant by Weighted Sterling?   The term means a sheet of 925 sterling silver sandwiched around weighted material.  Our Mazzetti Silver Gift Collection is manufactured with this weighted sterling silver manufacturing technique to reduce the silver item's cost to our customers.    Weighted sterling silver gifts are marked "Argento", the Italian name for "Silver".

* What is meant by Sterling Silver Plated, as in sterling silver plated picture frames or sterling silver plated mint julep cups?  One silver coating over a metal base.  Bianchi Silver products are sterling silver plated with not one but 6 coats.  That makes Bianchi very special and unique to the common silver plated that only have one thin coat.   Our product will not turn black but will retain the beauty for many years to come.